There are strong regulations around air and water quality. We need the same for soils.
— Chris Collins Soil Security Programme, University of Reading


The Sustainable Soils Alliance is a collaboration of individuals and organisations with an interest in the crisis facing our soils and the determination to do something about it.

Our objective is to effect a step change in political and public understanding and appreciation of soil that will lead to a reversal of land degradation and the restoration of soils back to health within one generation.  We see the new UK government, Brexit and changes in global environmental leadership as an opportunity to give soil – alongside air and water – the attention it so badly needs.

We want to recruit members and supporters from the full community of stakeholders that include those already engaged and interested in soil management – academics, NGOs, industry and politics – those who are affected by the crisis in our soils on a daily basis and those with the solutions needed to address it.

Our role will be:

  • To provide a forum to debate the scale and nature of the problem, agree the indicators and determining factors and identify the relevant policy mechanisms and levers for change ­­
  • To unite stakeholders via a series of public events, collaborative reports and calls to action aimed at politicians, media and the general public
  • To act as focal point for the sharing of knowledge, insights, research and expertise
  • To monitor analyse and inform about the evolving national, European and international debate on soil