The Week in Soil

Soil News from Across the Web

Soiled underpants?  Cornish farmers have been burying their drawers in soil to help with grassland management. 

Last week it was the mudslides in California that were blamed on poor soil – this week it’s the forest fires.

New research points to the importance of ‘Blue Carbon’ – enormous carbon accumulations in American (and global) wetlands that are released when the ecosystem is destroyed. 

Training, soil health and technical expertise ‘will be key to future farming success’ say farm leaders in East Anglia.

And speaking of which, fleets of drones are already being used in Shropshire to collect data on soil, crop disease and climate impacts…

…while an app is being developed to advise farmers of soil run-off on their land.  It gives them a risk score and even suggests management practises to avoid it!

The European Parliament is launching a special committee to investigate the manner in which the EU licenses Glyphosate - and possible conflicts of interest in the approval procedure.


Starting next month- become a citizen scientist by learning how to understand your soil and explore global environmental soil issues via an on-line course.

Sustainable Soils Alliance News

In case you missed it, the Sustainable Soils Alliance Launch Report and Call to Action was published this week – and is available to view on our website here.

We can now confirm that our soils monitoring workshop will take place on March 2.  Further details to follow.

Members of the SSA Science Panel and Directors had a very useful meeting with DEFRA and its soils team to discuss the place of soils in the 25 Year Plan for the Environment.