The Week in Soil

Now soil has made it into the Financial Times:  How Brexit provides the opportunity for the UK to transform its agriculture and its ‘exhausted’ soil in particular…

…just as an EU-funded project involving the University of Portsmouth investigating how agricultural waste can be used to improve soil quality and reduce CO2 emissions has been launched.

Differences between global soil indicator database and field measurements are causing uncertainty about how much carbon is trapped in our soil.

Technology start-ups are increasingly investing in improving soil health through DNA Testing, Biocarbon And Custom Microbes.

A new assessment service has been launched for farmers helping them understand the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil and recommendations about how to improve it.

While in Pembrokeshire, an arable grower is mapping his soils to match the seeds he applies to his land type – and so boost yields and production.

 “I realized I was destroying our life because I was destroying my soil, but more importantly I realized that I could do something about it…”  An inspiring story about the restoration of 20,000 Acres of Indiana soil.

Is soil poaching Africa’s latest environmental challenge?   Rwandans are taking loam soil from the Ugandan forest for their gardens leading to deforestation and trenches that endanger the lives of wild animals.

SSA News

A report summarising the learnings from our March 13 event in Portcullis House discussing the 25 Year Plan and its impact on soil is now available to view on our website here.