The Week in Soil

Defra Secretary, Michael Gove spoke about the human health objectives of planned farm policy at a consultation event co-hosted with Sustain and DEFRA this week.

The food industry’s unique relationship with suppliers and producers means it is ideally placed to drive the change necessary to reverse the crisis in soil health – according to Duncan Rawson at European Food and Farming Partnerships writing in The Grocer.

US Public radio provide a good overview of how healthy soils are gaining traction as a ‘grass roots’ movement in the US.

And even The Daily Mail is reporting how new planting techniques in the Great Plains slashed temperatures and boosted rainfall by trapping carbon in their soil caused a change in local climate that counteracted the human-caused warming trend.

Irony of ironies, new EU rules to limit toxins entering the food chain via fertilisers will enable Russian suppliers to dominate the market…

A new study claims that 26 percent of the nitrogen in natural ecosystems is sourced from rocks, with the remaining fraction from soils and the atmosphere.

Cereals 2018 (June 13-14 in Cambridgeshire)will feature a soil pit designed to provide a worm’s eye view of roots and soil structure. It also delivers a unique opportunity to discover the impact of different cropping options on soil health.

A new land motion map of the UK provides the most detailed look ever of the UK's shifting topography and highlights the impact of coal mining, soil compaction, coastal erosion and even tunnelling for the London Underground.