The Week in Soil

The important correlation between soil health, animal performance, pasture value and sustainable production has been the subject of a study produced by scientists from Rothamsted Research.

A report published by the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment revealed the country is damaging and losing soils at a rate of 192 million tons of soil every year, 44 percent of which is from pasture.

A Shropshire farming estate has saved time and money while improving the condition of its soils by replacing its previous plough and power harrow system with a lower-disturbance minimum-tillage regime.

A soil survey is being undertaken at RHS Wisley as part of the garden's £160 million development work to determine the quality of soils that are being displaced by the improvements and building works – and decide which can be re-used.

Prince Charles has launched his own organic 'soil enricher' - Bloomin Amazing’s ‘Royal Soil’ made from his biogas plant in Dorset with an effective carbon footprint, it is lightweight, clean and almost odourless,

Prototype farm machinery designed to reduce soil erosion has been tested in north Norfolk. The machine uses angled tines to break up the compacted tramlines, while a wheel-track roller creates heaps and hollows in the soil to capture rainwater and give it time to percolate into the ground.

In Bristol urban farmers are using aquaponics to slash waste and grow food without soil as well as helping conservation efforts and a disadvantaged community.

Vegan furniture artist Erez Nevi Pana is using soil to create animal-free furniture and raise awareness of the deception of ingredients in products at this year’s Milan design week

SSA News

On April 10, The Sustainable Soils Alliance attended A brighter future for farming and our countryside, an event hosted by DEFRA and Sustain to debate the recent Agriculture Command Paper.  During the event, attendees representing the full spectrum of interests in farming broke up into individual workshops to exchange views on key aspects of the Policy paper. 

Click here for the SSA’s summary of one of these sessions, on the subject of Environmental Land Management.