education & Knowledge TRansfer

Improved education in the theory and practise of healthy soil is needed at every level - from the curricula of higher and continuous farming education to the extended community of environmental stakeholders, politicians and the general public.

Central to this must be the process of unlocking and exchanging existing expertise across sectors, regions and businesses via simpler, rationalised advisory sources, local knowledge sharing and more effective routes from research to practice.


Issues and topics which we will address through our Education workstream include:

  • How should soil feature in higher and ongoing education for land-users?

  • How can increased collaboration between the farming and research communities be fostered?

  • How can greater take-up of innovation by farmers be encouraged?

  • How can the general public be effectively engaged in sustainable soils?

The most important thing for the future of this country is the training of its young people in the science of managing its soil.
— Sir Tim Smit, Co-Founder, The Eden Project