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Status of the world's soil resources

"The overwhelming conclusion of the first-ever comprehensive report on the world’s soil resources, prepared by the Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils (ITPS), is that the majority of the world’s soil resources are in only fair, poor or very poor condition... and that conditions are getting worse in far more cases than they are improving."

Safeguarding our soils - A strategy for England - DEFRA


Safeguarding our soils
A Strategy for England

"Along with air and water, soil is one of the building blocks of life.
It gives us food, clothing and fuel. It supports our buildings and infrastructure, stores water and carbon, is home to a wide range of biodiversity and sustains some of our most valued landscapes. Yet it is so much a part of everyday life, in our gardens, parks and even window boxes, that there’s a danger of taking it for granted. "

"In England and Wales 2.9 million tonnes of soil are lost from fields every year." 


Consultation on new basic rules for farmers to tackle diffuse water pollution from agriculture in England

September 2015