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Geoffrey Matthews, October 2018

It is my opinion that Professor Dieter Helm‘s keynote video presentation introducing the SSA’s 25 Year Environment Plan response event (March 2018) signals the end of the 66 year opportunity to implement ‘sustainable development’; and the beginning of a 25 year challenge, set by the British Government, to institutionalize and operationalize ‘development for sustainable survival’. Survival implies a choice of life and death. It gives the task in hand a sense of urgency and brings the objective into sharp focus. To survive, every living organism on this planet needs to eat, drink and breathe every day. Yet we are polluting and depleting the vital life-supporting natural resources that enable us to satisfy these needs: soil, water and air. The estimated number of remaining harvests says it all: fewer than 100 harvests mean many children born today will struggle to survive to the end of their natural life…

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Craig Sams, May 2018

It is established fact that forestry and farming are the cheapest and most effective routes to taking carbon out of the atmosphere and sequestering it in soil, trees and buildings using wood in construction. Instead of actively pursuing these low-cost options we continue to degrade our soils….

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Prof Iain Fraser, September 2018

The UK government’s 25 Year Environment Plan and the proposed changes to how agriculture and the rural environment will be supported have implications for future policy design, implementation (especially compliance monitoring, regulation and enforcement) and evaluation…

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Dr A Krzywoszynska, July 2018

The critical tension between a farmer’s environmental responsibility and need for productivity was laid bare at Groundswell’s recent event on soil regeneration in the farming context. The concept of soil health may a way to bridge this tension – but only if we acknowledge that that tension exists….