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Yog Watkins, February 2019

There is a growing interest in the use of natural flood management to slow the flow of water through river catchments. Yog Watkins calls for more attention to be paid to the importance of soils in holding back the water, and reports on a preliminary trial of a soil conditioner that may offer some help.

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Sue Everett, January 2019

A new study has found pesticide residues in the soils of 11 European countries in six different cropping systems…

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Prof Iain Fraser, December 2018

The new Agriculture Bill marks a profound change in the design, delivery and rationale of UK agricultural policy...

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Geoffrey Matthews, October 2018

Prof Dieter Helm signals the beginning of a 25 year challenge to institutionalize & operationalize ‘development for sustainable survival’.

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Craig Sams, May 2018

Forestry and farming are the cheapest and most effective routes to taking carbon out of the atmosphere and sequestering it in soil, trees and buildings….

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Prof Iain Fraser, September 2018

The 25 Year Environment Plan has implications for future policy design, implementation (especially compliance monitoring, regulation and enforcement) and evaluation…

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Dr A Krzywoszynska, July 2018

The critical tension between a farmer’s environmental responsibility and need for productivity was laid bare at Groundswell’s recent event on soil regeneration….