Monitoring & Metrics

Measurement and monitoring of soil over time is crucial for understanding changes in its health and the impact of inputs and processes - and as such must form the cornerstone of future soils policy.  

Whether this is carried out at nationwide or on-farm level, the metrics and methodology need to be universally agreed and adopted as these provide the foundations for the subsequent regulatory and subsidy framework, a national picture of soil health and a common understanding of the steps needed to address it. 


Issues and topics that we will address through our Monitoring workstream include:

  • What are the right indicators for measuring soil quality?

  • At what interval should soil monitoring take place in order to generate a useful national picture of soil health and track progress over time?

  • How can on-farm and nationwide soil monitoring be connected?

  • How should ‘public goods’ be defined as they relate to soil?


Taking the Initiative to Deliver Soil Health for Agricultural Soils

Cereals, Cambs., 13 June 2018

We need a soil monitoring programme to understand the direction of travel and to provide evidence that our actions are working.

— Professor Chris Collins, Coordinator, the Soil Security Programme, University of Reading