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  Science & Research News

Science & Research News

Sept 13: German scientists have conducted the first investigation into the physical and biological effects of microplastic particles on the soil and its microbes.

Sept 11: A new study from Dartmouth College has revealed the conditions that cause the huge amounts of carbon stored deep underground to remain hidden or be emitted in to the atmosphere.

Sept 7: An illuminating gallery allows us to take an up close look at the organisms living in soil, and explores how they help to keep it healthy.

Sept 5: Researchers have built an AI-powered soil testing kit for small farmers. The paper testing strip combines with a mobile app and uses machine vision to measure the amounts of chemicals in water and soil samples

Aug 30: Low-tech methods of improving soil quality on farms could pull significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus slowing climate change.

Aug 23: Israeli researchers have managed to cure fungal infections using bacteria commonly found in the upper layers of soil.

Aug 23: Farmers in America's western Corn Belt offer up advice for and benefits of cover cropping and reduced tillage in '4 creative ways soil health pays', based on years of experience in the field.

  Politics & Policy News

Politics & Policy News

Sept 12: Defra has introduced the first UK Agriculture Bill since 1947. It can be viewed in full here. Coverage includes Business Green and Farming Today.

Sept 3: Conservation Nation, a collection of essays detailing Conservative efforts to preserve the natural environment, has been published; it includes a piece by SSA champion Rebecca Pow MP.

Sept 3: Farmers were disappointed with the lack of support they received from the government following this year’s extended heatwave, despite reassuring words from Michael Grove.

Aug 31: Defra has launched a review to “examine the continuing need for AHDB and the statutory levy” and has opened a 10 week window for farmers, growers and processors to share their views so they can establish the long term future of the board.

Aug 23: The government has laid out guidance in their Technical Notices for farmers and land managers in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit. 

Aug 10: Defra have published a new research opportunity on an innovative approach to monitoring soil health in England and Wales. Further details and apply here.

Aug 8: The Soil Health Partnership (US) has launched  #SoilSmart: a high-volume, maximum impact campaign designed to reach new farmer audiences to raise awareness of soil health.

  Alliance, Stakeholder & Supporter News

Alliance, Stakeholder & Supporter News

Sept 13: The Soil Association have published this response to the government’s new Agriculture Bill. They say it is ‘not the radical rethink we need.’

Sept 6: Recently a team from the UK attended the 21st World Congress of Soil Science, the largest gathering of soil scientists in the world, held this year in Rio de Janeiro.

Sept 5: A major grant from the Natural Science Foundation will allow researchers to determine how interactions between plants and soil microbes will influence plant growth and health in a warming climate.

Sept 4: UK supermarket sales of organic food and drink have continued to rise for the 7th year in a row, bringing the market value up to a whopping £2.2bn.

Aug 15: Schumacher College will be hosting a course in Cultivating Healthy Soils in Your Garden & on Your Farm, run by expert tutor Laura Levnick of Resilient Agriculture.

Aug 13: Sustain, the Alliance for Better Food & Farming, have released an opinion piece arguing that public health is a matter for agricultural policy.

Aug 13: SSA Champions Yeo Valley have hosted the annual PEA Awards on their farm in Somerset, celebrating the UK's Environmental Superheroes. View the list of winners here.

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