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Science & Research News

Science & Research News

7 May: A study from the University of East Anglia has found soil bacteria are able to build the only enzyme known to destroy nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas.

7 May: New research has found that a hormone produced by plants under stress can be applied to crops to alleviate the damage caused by salty soils, enabling test plants to increase their growth by up to 32x compared with untreated plants.

6 May: The IPBES Global Assessment on Biodiversity was released, with implications for land and soil management globally.

1 May: Researchers from the University of British Columbia have found that adding bio-fertilisers may not contribute to soil health or crop performance.

26 April: A Scottish livestock farmer has revealed dramatic results from the 1st of a 5 year experimental soil-testing programme, including improved soil health, a cut in phosphate use and grassland fertiliser bill savings.

Politics & Policy News

Politics & Policy News

2 May: The Climate Change Committee released a report urging immediate government action for the UK to meet its net zero 2050 target. It highlights the opportunities for carbon sequestration in soil and changes in land management as significant.

25 April: The RSA Food, Farming & Countryside Commission film highlights rural poverty, with one farmer discussing considering use of a food bank, as the House of Lords prepares a new report on the rural economy.

25 April: Green Alliance have produced a blog summarising key ways the government should strengthen the Environment Bill following the Environmental Audit Committee’s damning report of policy as it stands.

11 April: Three Year Expert’s Review offers insight as to the impact Brexit and different potential deals will have on our environmental policy and governance.

30 Mar: An ex-government adviser suggests environment policy is being badly impacted as 3000 staff are deployed from Defra, the Environment Agency and Natural England to work on UK exit from the EU.

Stakeholder & Supporter News

Stakeholder & Supporter News

7 May: Tony Juniper, former head of WWF, current Chair of Natural England and friend of SSA – spoke on R4’s Today programme about the need for farming to work together with nature to produce healthy soils. Listen again from 2.21.

2 May: Sustain responded to new targets around diets and land use in today’s CCC report. read their statement here. The Soil Association outlined the changes the report says need to be made to reduce UK agriculture emissions. Cranfield University have also released a statement.

27 April: Sustain’s annual Big Dig Day takes place today. More details, sign up and get involved here.

13 April: R4’s Farming Today produced a week of programmes focusing on the Rewilding debate. Listen again here.

11 April: Campaigning group Feedback have labelled sugar beet a 'poster crop' for soil degradation, as it cause 300,000 tonnes topsoil loss per harvest.

11 April: Syngenta have recognised an 'undeniable demand for a shift in our industry' to more environmentally sustainable farming methods.

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