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Science & Research News

Science & Research News

7 Mar: Soil bacteria has been found to be a key ingredient for turning plants in to biodegradable plastic-like material

28 Feb: The New York Soil Health Roadmap identifies key policy, research and education efforts to overcome barriers to adoption of soil health practices by farmers.

28 Feb: The first dedicated soil health lab has opened in Illinois, providing Mid-West farmers with the ability to achieve quick and accurate soil biology assessments. 

27 Feb: Underwater soils have value and function, and scientists are working to get them the recognition they deserve.

23 Feb: Jackie Stroud discusses the results of her research in to earthworm populations on R4’s Today programme. Listen again from 1hr50.

22 Feb: A study has found earthworms to be rare or absent in 2/5 fields, prompting 57% of farmers to change soil management practices.

7 Feb: A Plymouth University-led study has shown communities face significant barriers to implementing soil conservation measures, with an interdisciplinary approach key to addressing this.

Politics & Policy News

Politics & Policy News

6 Mar: Farming Minister George Eustice has resigned and been replaced by Robert Goodwill, an MP with many agricultural - and other - strings to his bow.

6 Mar: General Mills, the Nature Conservancy & McDonald’s are among 10 organizations forming a national market by 2022 to incentivize the adoption of farming practices that build soil carbon and improve water conservation.

1 Mar: Progress of the Agriculture Bill through parliament has stalled. Agriculture, food, trade and Brexit scholars from Belfast & Cardiff Universities produced this response for the EFRA Committee Ag Bill Inquiry.

25 Mar: GreenBiz reveals the extent to which the food industry has started to adopt soil fertility practices & initatives to build supply chain resilience & sustainability.

22 Feb: The organics sector has warned of huge losses as a consequence of a no deal Brexit, as the EU will no longer recognise certified products as organic.

21 Feb: The Ten Years for Agroecology paper has shown that Europe could be farmed entirely with soil- and climate-friendly agroecological methods such as organics, and still produce enough food for a growing population. 

18 Feb: Michael Gove has bowed to the pressure of 32 trade associations  to delay action on all food, farming & environmental policy consultations. 

12 Feb: A report from the IPPR released today on the gravity of our environmental crisis highlights soil as an underplayed issue, with topsoil loss, erosion & land degradation at critical levels. They suggest an urgent shift in political understanding.

12 Feb: Molly Scott Cato has responded to the report on the catastrophic decline of insect life by saying politicians are complicit in the disaster & urging policymakers to act.

Stakeholder & Supporter News

Stakeholder & Supporter News

4 Mar: Soils featured on Radio 4’s Farming Today programme all week featuring:

Chair of SSA Science Panel Chris Collins on Monday;

The Catchment Sensitive Farming project on Tuesday;

Stephen Briggs of Innovation for Agriculture, & part of the panel of our forthcoming Economics of Soil event, on Wednesday;

Jackie Stroud’s earthworm studies on Thursday;

and SSA Champion Rebecca Pow and peatland restoration on Friday.

12 Feb: Greenpeace have released a report on the dangerous intensification of animal farming in Europe.

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