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The Guardian

UK farmers will be given the first ever targets on soil health:

A new bill will mandate  measures to preserve and improve the health of UK soils, amid growing concern that we are sleepwalking in to a crisis of soil fertility.


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Farmers Weekly

Campaigners have called on the government to underline its commitment to the environment by explaining how it will incentivise farmers to improve soil health.

The issues were raised at a debate organised by the Sustainable Soils Alliance.



Horticulture Week

Eustice says there is hope in war against soil depletion. 

Delegates at a Sustainable Soils Alliance meeting have heard that the Government's 25 year Environment Plan, published in January, could be grounds for optimism for crisis-hit soils.

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Fresh Produce Journal

Experts call for urgent action on soil health.

Expert stakeholders and campaigners have challenged the government to provide more detail on its ambition to achieve “sustainably managed soils” by 2030 at parliamentary debate.

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The Times

Time is growing short to save soil fertility, Gove tells farmers:

Britain is only several decades away from the “fundamental eradication of soil fertility”, the Environment Secretary has warned, in a stark call to action for farmers and environmentalists.

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Farmers Weekly

Michael Gove has pledged to make protecting soil health a central pillar of farming policy and the system of support that will replace the CAP.

The Defra secretary said the state of the UK’s soils had reached an emergency situation and the government must act.

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The Guardian

UK is 30-40 years away from 'fundamental eradication of soil fertility', warns Gove:

Farmers must be incentivised to tackle decline in biodiversity, says Environment Secretary at launch of parliamentary soil body the Sustainable Soils Alliance.

Gove pledges action to protect soils

The Telegraph

Britain's soil to become infertile within 40 years due to intensive farming warns Gove:

The UK has only 40 years of fertile crop growing left because intensive farming is “cutting the ground from beneath" our feet, Michael Gove has warned.

Farms could become a wasteland in just 30 years, says Gove: Environment Secretary warns intensive farming and chemical sprays are damaging soil

The Daily Mail

Farms could become a wasteland in just 30 years, says Environment Secretary:

"We have encouraged a type of farming which has damaged the earth". Gove warns intensive farming including use of heavy machinery and chemical sprays are damaging soil.

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Fruit Net

Soil health wins government attention as UK Environment Secretary says state of soils is "an emergency".

A high-profile launch of the new Sustainable Soils Alliance at the House of Commons has pushed the soil health issue up the government agenda.

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Plant Based News

UK to lose soil fertility in 30 years, says Environment Secretary:

"We have encouraged a type of farming that has damaged the earth". Gove blames intensive farming practices for the loss of soil fertility. 

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Farming UK

UK will see 'fundamental eradication of soil fertility', Gove warns:

Defra Secretary Michael Gove has said the UK will see the "fundamental eradication of soil fertility" because industrial farming has "damaged the earth".

my green pod sustainable soils alliance

My Green Pod

(Guardian Weekend Supplement)

Gaining Ground on Losing Soil: "There are three pillars of life - air, water and soil. We destroy these at our peril". Ellen Fay, Co-Director of the SSA, on the global challenge of restoring soil health.