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Creating a Flood Resilient Nation

  • Central London London (map)

Ensuring UK flood preparedness in a changing climate

A Public Policy Exchange event.

Delegates will:

  • Produce priorities for the 2019 Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management national strategy

  • Scrutinise existing Government provisions for flood risk management including the National Flood Risk Assessment 2016

  • Consider existing ways of modelling flood risk and how to improve methodology

  • Explore the contributions of the 25-Year Environment Plan and generate priorities for a long-term vision for national flood resilience

  • Generate methods of securing broader environmental gains through sophisticated flood resilience provisions

  • Consider the impact that new and emerging technologies can have on delivering effective and affordable flood resilience strategies

  • Assess the ‘Flood Re’ programme and create robust methods of insuring those most at risk of severe flooding

  • Determine creative strategies which can educate communities and the public about flood risk and encourage reasonable independent steps toward embedding flood resilience



Registration and Morning Refreshments


Chair's Welcome and Introduction


Panel Session One:
Is Britain Flood Prepared?: Examining the Major Components of the National Flood Resilience Framework

  • Assessing the Flood Resilience Review 2016: Reflecting on the benefits and missed opportunities of the 2016 review

  • Building a Long-term Vision: Examining to what extent the 25-Year Environment Plan represents a robust and long-term strategy for building UK flood resilience

  • Examining UK Flood Risk Assessment: Generating improved models for anticipating future flood events

  • Realising the Broader Benefits: Embedding a flood resilience strategy that supports wider environmental policy ambitions


Morning Coffee Break


Open Floor Discussion and Debate with Panel One


Networking Lunch


Panel Session Two:
Forward Thinking: Enhancing flood resilience through innovation, collaboration and partnership

  • Forward Thinking: What challenges are next to enhance flood resilience management and what solutions can help us prepare?

  • Better Outcomes Through Innovation: How innovation can deliver multiple benefits and better outcomes for flood resilience management

  • Better Outcomes Through Collaboration: How to drive engagement and partnership between local government, communities and businesses

  • Better Outcomes Through Technology: How technology, such as drones, can capture effective data to drive up standards of flood resilience

  • Better Outcomes Through Partnerships: How partnerships between SMEs and Local Government can aide flood protection and a town’s recovery from flooding 


Afternoon Coffee Break


Open Floor Discussion and Debate with Panel Two


Chair's Summary and Closing Comments


Networking Reception