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Monitoring on-farm efficiency & waste management

  • Midloe Grange Farm, Rectory Lane Southoe, St Neot's, Cambridgeshire PE19 5YD (map)

Wheat workshop

We have 3 workshops based in England looking at systems to improve farm efficiency through food waste management. There’s an opportunity for farms in the following sectors: Carrots, Apples (dessert) and Wheat. This is a collaboration between LEAF, 3Keel and Innovative Farmers and is supported by WRAP and made possible through funding from Defra.

Quantifying and monitoring farm productivity and food waste is an important issue in Integrated Farm Management. Food waste is rising up the agenda and we are interested to see to what extent this is happening pre-farm gate in the UK and what opportunities it presents for productivity gains. How does pest or weather damage, over production or specification requirements influence production efficiency in different sectors and how can this be reduced? We are working with 3Keel and Innovative Farmers on a project to examine farmer-led approaches to better measure and manage food waste in primary production. The project is targeted at wheat, apple (dessert) and carrot and will involve a series of workshops. These farmer-led workshops will be supported in gathering and sharing information on how to optimise farm efficiency through assessing waste management, enabling farmers to better measure and reduce food waste pre-farm gate.