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The Future of Farming

A National Conference

  • Develop New Practice Methods to Improve Productivity: Hear how technological advances and pioneering schemes are helping to increase yields and reduce reliability on chemicals

  • Understanding the Impacts of the Agriculture Bill: Learn how the bill will impact farmers financially and how the Environment Land Management System will shape farm planning

  • Mental Health and Well Being: Hear from the Farming Community Trust about the rising and unspoken challenges of poor mental health and the support mechanisms on offer

  • Address the Challenges of Brexit on Farming Policies: Understand how the current political climate is affecting farming policies and what challenges lay ahead

  • Reviewing Trends in Consumer Habits and Practices: Develop insights into how consumers shifts towards vegan diets, organic produce, and ethical awareness of produce is affecting farming practices

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Guy Smith, Deputy President, NFU

  • Charles Smith, Chief Executive, The Farming Community Network

  • Jonathan Hall, Director of Policy, NFU Scotland

  • Liz Bowles, Associate Director Farming and Land Use, Soil Association

  • Senior Director, Natural England

  • Belinda Gordon, Strategy Director, Green Alliance

  • Dr Alastair Leake, Director, Allerton Project, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

  • Phil Bicknell Market Intelligence Director, AHDB

  • Andrew Swift, CEO, Fera Science Ltd.

  • Emily Norton, Head of Research for the Rural, Energy and Projects Division, Savills

  • Dr Jess Davies, Senior Lecturer in Sustainability, Lancaster University

  • Dr Ludivine Petetin , Lecturer in Law, Cardiff University

  • John Martin, Conservation Team Leader, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Northern Ireland

Westminster Insight’s Future of Farming conference will explore the challenges facing the sector including the Agriculture Bill, as well as innovative approaches to enable a more progressive, profitable and sustainable environment for British farmers. 

Explore innovative practice methods and technological developments that can improve farmer’s yields and help improve productivity. With farmer’s livelihoods susceptible to changing environmental conditions, hear how direct payments and financial incentives can protect farmers income.

Experts from the sector will discuss the sustainability of current methods and progress towards a more sustainable system for farmers. We will review the trend towards organic, ethically sourced and plant-based products, and the impacts on farmer’s production plans. 

Hear from the Farming Community Truston their work to de-stigmatise mental healthin the farming community and providing support to combat stress, loneliness and enhance mental wellbeing.