Soil-specific briefing notes, articles, and consultation responses from the SSA team, Science Panel and Strategic Advisory Board. All our outputs are available for you to view, download and print. 

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Soils in the 25 Year Environment Plan: Our recommendations to Defra

Following the Soil Health Indicators workshop (report below), the SSA have proposed recommendations for an approach to indicator development based on advice from the SSA Science Panel. SSA will continue to engage with Defra as the indicator development continues.

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The Rationale for Healthy Soils as a Headline Indicator in the 25 YEP

This document outlines reasoning behind the proposal of the SSA Science Panel for the inclusion of ‘healthy soils’ as a headline indicator within the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan. Healthy Soils are central to many of the 25 YEP’s objectives, including cleaner air and water, protected biodiversity and richer wildlife habitats. Any policy instrument that fails to adequately recognise, and prioritise, soil’s pivotal role risks failing in its core objective of understanding how the environment as a whole is changing and why.

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Soil Health Indicators: Workshop report

Defra asked SSA to convene a workshop of Soil stakeholders and experts to examine how to develop a healthy soils indicator for the 25 YEP Indicators. The indicators will be used to check progress towards the long-term vision of the 25 YEP focusing on the outcomes and goals of reducing pressures on the environment; improving the state of environment assets; and increasing the benefits that we get from those assets. This report outlines the proceedings of the workshop and has informed further discussions within Defra.

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Soil Health & Tree Disease: A Practical Workshop

The SSA joined forces with Treework Environmental Practice and others to deliver a one-day practical workshop in soil assessment approaches to tree health, sweet chestnut ink disease and dieback.

Greenwich Park, June 2018


Soil Champion appointed to Natural Capital Committee

SSA Science Panel Chair, Professor Chris Collins, has been appointed  to the committee which advises government on the importance of natural capital for sustainable economic growth, health and wellbeing.

Defra, 20 June 2018


Taking the Initiative to Deliver Soil Health for Agricultural Soils

The SSA are delighted to be joining a new initiative to increase understanding and improve the health of soils across UK farmland for generations to come.

Cereals, Cambs, 13 June 2018


A brighter future for farming and our countryside

Summary & full report from the Sustainable Soils Alliance following the Defra / Sustain workshop

10 April 2018


The 25 YEP: Grounds for Optimism or Barren Landscape?

SSA report following the event organised and hosted by the Sustainable Soils Alliance

Westminster, 13 March 2018


A Green Future, Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment

SSA written submission to the Environmental Audit Committee inquiry

February 2018


Call to Action

The Sustainable Soils Alliance 8 policy asks to form the pillars of a coherent and ambitious future soils strategy

January 2018


Launch report & policy asks

Full report of the SSA Parliamentary Launch including contributions, policy asks and moving forward

23 October 2017


Report & discussion points

The SSA report of our initial Alliance Commitment Meeting including attendees, goals and discussion points

16 December 2016