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Latest News

  • SSA Update: 12 October

    We're hiring! The SSA is looking for a Communications and Public Affairs Intern to help monitor and communicate policy relating to one of the emerging, critical environment issues of the age: healthy soil. 

  • SSA Update: 01 October

    Two soil-related amendments to England's Environment Bill were debated in the House of Lords in September and compelling points where made as to why soils should be better reflected in the Bill. We have outlined why this matters and what we learnt from these debates.

  • SSA Update: 25 August

    We have published a briefing note on soil’s critical place in Defra's Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) scheme, one of three new schemes that will help England transition from CAP direct payments and pave the way to the introduction of Environmental Land Management in 2024

  • SSA Update: 25 August

    We have published two tables on the SFI (England) Arable and Horticultural Soils Standard and Improved Grassland Soils Standard with the requirements for the Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced level.

The Week in Soil: 21 October

England’s Environment Bill went back to the House of Commons on Wednesday. The government has rejected almost all the changes made in the House of Lords, a huge disappointment to environmental campaigners on the eve of COP26. This includes Baroness Bennett’s amendment placing soil health as a priority area in the Bill, w...

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Soils policy is about more than just government activity.  Indeed, we campaign for action and policy change by a wide range of players: farming, urban and woodland; corporate and agency; national, regional and local; voluntary and regulatory.

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Stakeholder events have been a cornerstone of our campaigning activities since our launch in 2017.

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We respond to calls for evidence to ensure that soil health is at the heart of this decision-making with views representative of our Science Panel, Strategic Advisory Board and broader membership

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Visit our collection of online resources on soil health, science and policy.

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The SSA is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. We decided not to set up a charity because that would limit some activities such as campaigning on government policies. With a not-for-profit company the directors don’t benefit from profits and money raised is spent on company aims.