An estimated 2.9 million tonnes of topsoil are lost each year in the UK alone.

— DEFRA, 2015

The Sustainable Soils Alliance is a partnership of businesses, campaigning organisations, the applied scientific community, academia, governmental and non-governmental organisations working together to reverse the current crisis in soil health. 

Our vision is to reverse soil health decline and work together to restore our soils to health within one generation. 


Championing the Sustainable Soils Alliance

Tim Smit

Helen Browning

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Beccy Speight

Mary Mead

Tim Mead

Soil is not seen as the wealth and resource it is. 33% of our soils are degraded. In what other area would you allow 33% of your asset to be degraded?
— Prof Chris Collins, Soil Security Programme, University of Reading

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