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Farming UK

Jul 2021

Three projects have been awarded funding to help develop new carbon markets for regenerative agriculture, saltmarsh restoration and lowland peatlands.

Farmers Guardian

Jul 2021

Grant awarded under the Environment Agency’s Investment Readiness Fund to develop a Soil Carbon Code for UK farmers.

BBC Food

Jan 2021

Headlines warn the state of our soil is now a serious threat to the environment and crops. But they also say good-quality soil can help save the planet. What are the powers and dangers of this dark material, and how worried should we be?

Farmers Guardian

Apr 2020

Just 0.41 per cent of money invested into environmental monitoring in England is dedicated to soil health, a Freedom of Information request by the Sustainable Soils Alliance (SSA) has revealed.

BBC News: Science & Environment

Mar 2020

A vital knowledge gap about England’s environment has been uncovered by soil campaigners. They have discovered that just 0.41% of the cash invested in environmental monitoring goes on examining the soil.

ENDS Report

Mar 2020

DEFRA is spending just 0.4% of its total environment monitoring budget on soil monitoring each year, according to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request response. 

Business Green

Mar 2020

Fraction of budget spent on soils in England despite importance for combating floods and boosting food security, the SSA warns. The government has been accused of neglecting soil health in England...

Food Climate Research Network

Mar 2020

According to the Freedom of Information request made by the UK non-profit Sustainable Soils Alliance (SSA), the UK government spent only £283,780 on monitoring soil health in England in the year 2017/18.


Somerset Life

Feb 2020

Write up and photographs from the SSA's fundraising event at Yeo Valley in September appear in the Socials Pages of the latest edition of Somerset Life magazine. 

Farmers Guardian: Brexit Hub

Jan 2020

Recognition of soil’s importance in the Ag Bill is a statement of ambition few other countries can match, but there is more work to do to meet the Government’s target of sustainably managed soils by 2030.

Ends Report

Jan 2020

Agriculture Bill revisions bring new focus on soil health. Ministers have tweaked the text of the Bill to emphasise safeguarding and improving soil quality…Comment from the SSA.

The Guardian

Jan 2020

Agriculture Bill biggest shake up to farming in 40 years. Specific attention paid to soils was welcome, but more detail is needed on how to implement measures to protect soil health.

Western Daily Press

Oct 2019

SOS - Save our Soils. The health of our soils is increasingly coming under the spotlight… In conversation with the SSA, featuring Yeo Valley and Piper’s Farm.

Bristol Post

Aug 2019

The UK loses the equivalent of 240,000 double decker buses of soil/year. Soil is the beating heart of life on earth, a vital element that supports the health of people, plants, wildlife, water & air.

Wicked Leeks (Riverford)

Jul 2019

The quest to bring soil health to Westminster: the first months of the Sustainable Soils Alliance.

Farmers Guardian

May 2019

DEFRA could be forced to make a U-turn on its decision not to pay farmers to improve soil health… the Natural Capital Committee said any future ELM scheme should incentivise farmers to reverse soil degradation…

Farmlink: Waitrose & Partners

May 2019

As the majority of farmers know, healthy soils are the key to the achievement of healthy crops and higher yields. It is a fact that for decades has passed politicians by… Matthew Orman (SSA) for Waitrose.

Farmers Guardian

Oct 2018

SSA Champion Rebecca Pow MP on soil as the bellwether of our farming and environment policy.

The Guardian

May 2018

UK farmers will be given the first ever targets on soil health: A new bill will mandate  measures to preserve and improve the health of UK soils…

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