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Our People

The Sustainable Soils Alliance is a partnership of farming organisations, businesses, NGOs, applied science and academia working together to reverse the current soils crisis and restore our soils to health within one generation.
Our Exec Team, led by our 5 Directors, is responsible for management of the Alliance and day-to-day activities.
Our Science Panel provide scientific, academic and technical input on questions around soil health.
Our Strategic Advisory Board provide input into the Alliance's work streams, policies & strategic direction
Our Champions support our cause and use their profile to help raise awareness of the SSA.


Membership of the SSA is free, and open to anyone with an interest in sustainable soil, in the policies and behaviours that impact upon it or that just wants to learn more. Members receive our quarterly newsletter, get invited to our events and have the opportunity to get involved in the discussion by contributing content to our website, networking with our community or engaging with us directly. Simply sign up to the SSA mailing list below.

We are also very grateful to a number of individuals and organisations who have provided support - in the form of finance, advice, guidance, hard work and energy - to help us get to where we are today.