The Week in Soil

Our weekly blog features the main scientific, political and cultural soil-related stories of interest from across the web over the previous seven days, available on our website and through our Twitter account every Friday morning.

18 December 2020
  • Flooding and soil erosion in the UK
  • Big brands to assess soil health in France
  • Sustainable farming scheme in Wales
  • Rewilding report
  • Garden centre sanctions for selling peat compost
11 December 2020
  • First report on soil biodiversity
  • The Sixth Carbon Budget
  • New report on Welsh farming
  • Natural England to adopt tougher monitoring of SSSIs
  • Artificial soil’s
04 December 2020
  • England's new roadmap for sustainable farming
  • EU Soil Observatory
  • New map of soil organic carbon
  • BBC soil animation
  • Launch of a community soil hub: uksoils!
27 November 2020
  • UK 2020 Spending Review
  • Soil compound for antibiotic resistance
  • Worm-like soil-swimming robots
  • Soil respiration dataset, lunar soil
  • Lunar soil
20 November 2020
  • UK PM’s climate plan references soil health
  • US president’s advisors call for a carbon bank for farmers
  • UK peatland burning debate
  • Social-ecological framework for soil carbon policy
  • Meadow’s soil carbon quantified
13 November 2020
  • England's Agricultural bill becomes law
  • Soil Association report ‘Grow back better’
  • Natural England budget cuts
  • SSA executive co-director on soil carbon
  • Ensuring your chocolate bar isn't degrading soils
06 November 2020
  • Rise in global temperatures leading to release in soil carbon
  • England ’s new Nature Recovery Network
  • Phosphate in Welsh rivers
  • EU nitrate directive insufficient
  • Tracking your beer’s barley for soil health
30 October 2020
  • NCC report on UK's 25 YEP
  • Unchecked report on UK’s enforcement gap
  • Forbes encouraging investing in healthy soils
  • Waitrose farm swapping machines for sheep
  • Soil phosphorus in Northern Ireland
23 October 2020
  • EU habitats at risk
  • EU on farm carbon sequestration
  • UK biodiversity net gain for developers
  • Soil disturbance impact on plant growth
  • Asteroid soil
16 October 2020
  • Noah’s ark of soil microbes
  • Agricultural Bill amendments rejected
  • NFU’s new report
  • Home developments on peatland
  • Sewage pollution risks
09 October 2020
  • Earthshot Prize
  • Underestimated nitrous oxide emissions
  • ‘Nature Means Business’ report
  • EA limited funding
  • Poultry units pollution
02 October 2020
  • England's farms inspected every 263 years
  • UN Biodiversity Summit
  • Kew Gardens new report
  • Northern Real Farming Conference
  • McDonald’s fund for potato farmers
25 September 2020
  • ‘Kiss the Ground’ documentary
  • Lords amendments to Agricultural Bill
  • EU Horizon soil mission
  • GSBI unites with EU Coalition for biodiversity
  • UK pesticide ban
18 September 2020
  • WWF’s 'Living Planet Report 2020’
  • New data on soil lifespans
  • ’Nitrate-trading’ pilot scheme
  • UK rivers polluted
  • Long-lasting impacts of deforestation
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