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Soils ‘policy’ is determined by a wide variety of organisation, not limited to national and devolved governments and the various enforcement agencies.  Land management is also driven by research and recommendations by NGOs, farming groups, businesses and scientists – calls to action which aim to influence government policy and farmer behaviour and the role of numerous organisation in-between.  

The following is a collection of the most authoritative and influential, categorised according to the organisation responsible.

Anything to add: if there are relevant pieces of literature missing from this library, please contact us with any suggestions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Carbon Storage and Sequestration by Habitat 2021


Natural England

The natural environment can play a vital role in tackling the climate crisis as healthy ecosystems take up and store a significant amount of carbon in soils, sediments and vegetation.

State of the Environment: Soil


Environment Agency

Soil is an important natural capital resource, providing many essential services. There is insufficient data on the health of our soils and investment is needed in soil monitoring.

Summary of Evidence: Soils


Natural England

Natural England’s assessment of the evidence relating to access and engagement, a statement of the current evidence base, current research projects and key external research programmes.